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man painting his screen on his wall

Scream paint can be applied directly to your wall for an inconspicuous, hidden screen or applied to a substrate to hang like a normal screen.


The smoother your surface, the better your image!


Scream Paint with its Smooth Screen Technology is designed to give superior flow and levelling, resulting in a smooth projection surface without brush or roller marks. This keeps your image sharp and bright.


If your surface is unsealed, we recommend you use a water based sealer binder paint. This should be applied using a high gloss roller. Roller in vertical bands from top to bottom across the screen. Two coats may be necessary depending on the porosity of the surface.


Once dry Scream can be applied in the same way. Again we recommend a high gloss roller.


Ideally a smooth plastered wall can be coated edge to edge for a completely hidden screen.


Uneven Surfaces


When your walls are too rough you may want to consider using a smooth substrate. Rendered walls are considerably rougher than plastered walls. If this is the case you may need to consider a substrate.


Common substrates that have been used to great effect are Plasterboard and Mono Density Fibreboard (MDF). For screens in high traffic areas we would recommend MDF for its stronger composition. Otherwise the lighter Plasterboard is preferable. Image quality will not be affected by either. Both will need to be fixed to the wall (MDF may bow over time if hung.)