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Pot of Scream Screen Paint



What's so Special about Scream, Isn't it Just Paint?


Scream is Technology in a pot


Just as your projector is designed to give a sharp, high resolution, bright image. So is Scream. With three different colours available to suit your ambient light levels. Each is designed to Maximise light and contrast. While keeping the resolution and colour true to the projection.


Using Smooth Screen Technology

The smoother your surface, the better your image!


Ordinary paint produces surface imperfections. These tiny imperfections scatter the light in different directions reducing the sharpness and brightness of the projected image


Scream Paint with its Smooth Screen Technology is designed to give superior flow and levelling, resulting in a smooth projection surface without brush or roller marks. This keeps your image sharp and bright.


Spectrum Plus Colour Stabilisation


Other than the effect on resolution and brightness one of the main issues with cheap ordinary paint is the effect on colour. Due to inferior dyes ordinary paint will alter the colour spectrum of the projected image towards green. Scream won't do that. Scream uses Spectrum Plus technology to keep the colours accurate and true to life.